Easter and Chilling at the Farm

Three years ago:


Katie has always liked cutting paper. For Easter she made me a crown!

Then she slept Easter morning away!

Here is is hunting for eggs:

Katie ringing the bell for just about every meal!

Frank, Sam and Ray do everything together! 

Three years ago:



Boppy helped Ray with some of his cub scouting:

catching up on sleep:

Two Birthdays and a Baptism

My babies are a whole year older! 

Grandma Copus sent presents just in time from Utah:

Thank you to everyone that helped and or attended Raymond's baptism! 

Thanks Gamma for the scout uniform and pre-party time at the farm;)

Ray relaxing in Boppy's chair at the farm!

Katie pretending to be a mermaid in Gamma's tub: 

Katie looks so grown up in a buster seat!