Together at Last!


Ray's Day with Daddy


Still in NICU

Today Gamma watched Ray and Aunt Grace took me to see Katelyn in the NICU. 

Grace holding Katelyn while I got some shots: 

 We even got to dress her in an outfit that Daddy bought her:)

Happy Birthday Ray!

Katelyn Finally Here!

Take Two

So almost 40 vials of blood, two hospitals, and four days later on Friday, March 16th we finally did the c-section and baby Katelyn Elizabeth arrived at 12:38pm, 7lbs 15oz, and 20 1/4 inches tall.

Wait What?!?

Monday, March 12th I was scheduled at DePaul Hospital for a simple, easy-going c-section but surprised everyone when my platelets came in at a dangerously low 69,000. Everything was delayed, I had to be treated, and transferred to St. John's Mercy Hospital where specialists could attend.

New Picnic Table

Updates from BJ

Me this morning (Mon. March 12th) before receiving some really crappy news (Fat man in a little coat anyone?) 

Hey all, this is BJ, just posting for Amanda to catch everyone...
Well, I know we said today would be the big day, but right now we aren't really sure anymore. Amanda Copus Myler platelet counts have dropped dramatically (7000, ask anyone with cancer, that is low). They are starting a bunch of tests to determine what caused it to happen, and what they can do to bring it back up. Until her numbers improve they will not go ahead with the surgery (high risk for bleeding), the rub is that she needs to have the surgery over the next day or so or risk going in to labor and really causing a problem. 

I've never asked before because I have always thought it was stupid, but if people can please pray for Amanda & Baby Katelyn I would really appreciate it. Katy is fine & healthy, we just have to get Amanda better.


This crap (Immune Globulin) is worth more than gold...$75/gram vs $55/gram.Amanda Copus Myler needs 60 grams of this crap tonight to have a chance to deliver sometime on Thursday!! Description:

After meeting with all the doctors and running around having more tests & an ultrasound we have a new official date time for the arrival of Katie.
Thursday @ 3:00 at St. John's Mercy Hospital. 
Amanda Copus Myler will be staying another night here @ DePaul and then we will be transferring sometime tomorrow. The surgery will happen come hell or high water (or low platelets) on Thursday. 

All checked in to St. John's Mercy, just waiting for the first doctor here to visit (They are already pissing Amanda Copus Myler off, no water until a doctor visit, but no doctor for 2 hours now). Amanda is fine, her counts started to come up this morning, though still a loooong way from anything safe/normal. We are currently sitting in a labor/delivery (i.e. tiny/crappy) room where we will stay the night until they take Amanda to surgery tomorrow. The C-section has been bumped up to 12:15, so only 21 more hours!
We are both tired, but happy to be seeing some light at the end of the tunnel 

Alright, latest & greatest for Amanda Copus Myler
The latest that they will perform the C-section is tomorrow @ 12:15. The only way that we will not be having the surgery then is if her Platelet levels start to drop today and then we will be doing the surgery tonight! So, now we will be spending Ray's birthday having a little girl!! 

So Amanda Copus Myler latest numbers came back this morning lower than they were yesterday afternoon. It doesn't really change anything for the surgery today. Wish us luck!! 

John 3:16 (translated by Em) "For God so loved BJ and Amanda, that He sent them 2 kiddos on this day, that whosoever shall forget their birthdays shall not perish, but be reminded every time they see some hick holding a John 3:16 sign at a NASCAR or WWE event and have eternal laughter." Happy 3/16 Birthdays to Ray and Katelyn!

Baby Katelyn is here!!! It was a loooong day, and some really stressful moments happened (want to know how many doctors/nurses can fit around a patient? I counted 12), to some really awesome ones (Ray eating a green frosting cupcake and making Katie's head all green from all the kisses.) I am tired and ready for bed 

Katie & Raymond together at last. Ray was eating a green frosted cupcake and turned Katie's head green with kisses. — with Amanda Copus Myler. 

Quick update from Amanda & I, Katie's platelets dropped some more overnight, so they have now taken her down to the NICU for the rest of her stay (not sure how long that will be), they are giving her a platelet transfusion and will probably be starting steroids soon too. 

Amanda has been sick all morning since they took Katie down to the NICU, she got up and in to her chair in the hopes that the good feelings from last night would continue on this morning, but unfortunately the nausea & aches have been non-stop (pain killers make her throw-up, stomach hurts because of the pain, pain causes more nausea followed by more vomit) They finally just gave up on the pillsand pushed some morphine (something else local also ended up causing a pretty bad allergic reaction near her iv site) followed by benadryl for the reaction. She is finally asleep and resting.

Katie is doing alright, I haven't been able to get down to see her as much as I want. She is currently underneath the blue light special to help with her jaundice, she should also be all finished with her platelet infusion. Hopefully the platelets will help her body out long enough for her to take things over on her own. The doctor refused to give me any kind of time table and said that we would have to play it by ear. Depending on how Amanda improves it looks like Katy will have to stay here after Amanda is released.

That is everything that I know... 

This is beginning to feel like a daily dump of crap...
First off, Amanda is feeling much better today. She has mostly stopped feeling the nausea and is finally able to start getting up and moving around a bit. We topped off her awesome night of progress with a quick run down to the NICU to check on Katie. 
Katie, on the other hand, is proving to be a bigger trouble maker. She is currently going through her 3rd dose of platelets as her counts have continued to drop (She was @ 25k when she got to the NICU, 2 doses & 24hrs later she is @ 24k). They gave her a first round of steroids this morning before starting the 3rd batch of platelets, they will then follow that with an IVIG treatment (the same basic treatment that Amanda got last Monday) 

Spring time

Yay! It is perfect weather here in St. Louis and Ray is decked out to go ride his bike outside. I have yet to take pictures of him on his new bike but here is some exciting footage of our Straw Bale Garden fun. 

Jumping and Dancing to the Music

Kids World Gym

Yesterday we went to this awesome place on Dunn Road with our LINK group. Ray LOVED it and he finally slept through the night in his own bed last night! Between being sick and the excitement of getting ready for a new baby sister I think it has been hard for him to sleep. Stay tuned because I will be posting pictures of his surprise Birthday Present we got him last night too:)

Note the super high later to the left...when Ray found out there was a bell to ring at the tip he suddenly got over his fear of heights and climbed it another 5 times! 


I started this quilt a very long time ago, it has squares from a lot of clothes my mom made for me. She would let me design a dress every Christmas and Easter for myself, plus make me pajamas every Christmas. The back is alternating navy and floral squares. 

Thanks for all the memories Mom! I am really excited to see you this week!