Newest Toy

Playing Video Games

Sleepy Talk

Ray-Ray was sitting up looking at his Bobby Sailboats but nap time caught him by surprise, as he found himself in this position. This is what he had to say.

Father's Day

We spent our Father's Day weekend just chillin' as a family. Ray was being super cute. Here he is sitting by his Daddy on the bed. At first, he was watching BJ's video game on the laptop, but then he found this interesting pillow, he kept grabbing at it trying to figure it out.

This is us on Sunday, Ray loves to stand and dance.

This is the tie we made for BJ:)BJ loved the tie and wore it the whole day, but he said that his best present is little Ray-Ray:

We had dinner over at my parents house, Granny made Lasagna and a salad, while Camille and Grandpa made bread sticks. Yum Yum. For dessert we had brownies and Ice Cream. After visiting and playing for a bit, we got ready to give the Fathers their presents.

This is what BJ got from Mom Copus, WOW how did she do that?

Thurs, June 12th

Yesterday two families looking to buy and home came to see our Townhome! After all the stress of cleaning was over, Ray wasn't too sure why I was in such a good mood and wanted to take so many pictures, but as always, he loved the attention.

Later with Daddy:


I spent some time yesterday morning switching out the clothes that don't fit Raymond anymore, and was more time consuming then planed, but Ray was very patient in his bouncy seat making noises at his monkey and parrot. As soon as I finished I looked over and this is what I found. Poor Ray-Ray any longer and he would have been on the ground. I guess that is why is bouncy seat has a way to strap him in!

Last night BJ took Ray for some "guy-time" and I was jealous at how well he sat for BJ while he used BOTH HANDS to type and play video games because it isn't easy to remember the last time I've done that!

BJ's Jeep

To help get ready for the move, BJ is selling his Jeep. I am sad to see it go, it is a really good vehicle and it was great for outings with Clara or if we needed to move anything big.

Ray and the Blanket

Ray and I would like to thank the Wonderful Aunts that made this award-winning film possible. First a special thanks to Aunt Emily for the use of her boppy and covers! And to the fine sewing skills of Aunt Camile who made the cat blanket:)

So Big!

Just a week ago my sweet little Ray was this big:

But after taking him to the doctors today, and finding out that he weights 14 pounds and is 24 inches long (in the 74% for those of you who care to know), he just looks so much bigger to me.

The bright red Brand-Aids are from getting his shots, so now he has 3 holes on the left thigh and 2 on the right to show for his bravery.

To deal with the pain he has been drooling and chewing on things, or wait...could he be teething already?!??!