Lost Valley Birthday!

A huge, warm THANK YOU to all who made my babies' Birthday a special one! They are my world and it was so wonderful to see them happy and excited for a vacation and ALL that wonderful gifts from family. Thanks Aunt Grace and Uncle David and (his parents) Dale and Linda Hiscox for showing us around Lost Valley. We had a blast camping and swimming and horse back riding.   

Ray driving the motorboat!

They had so much fun that the car ride was very quiet as they slept: 

When we got home more presents and cards were waiting! 

Thank you Aunt Emily, Uncle Rob, Josh, Jack, Sam, Frank and Lindsay for the toys and ecards: 

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Copus for the singing and money to get fun toys!

Thank you Gamma and Boppy for the singing, gifts and fun times this week:

I realized I didn't get any pictures of the thoughtful gifts and activities we did, but Grace got a great picture of the joy your presence brings. 

Again, THANK YOU everyone for making the people closest to my heart also the happiest on their birthday! 

Motor boat

Showing Off

Katie has been showing off all the things she can do by herself. She got her own pajamas, did her own hair and is a pro at going to the bathroom on her own now. She likes to order Daddy and I around and has a strong opinion on how we should do things. 

BJ's outfit on Friday with True Tshirt, and new flip phone with holster: 

He has already gotten an award and is LOVED by everyone! He is participating in a basketball team too and we look forward to see him in action: 

Ray is a super helper at home, I don't know what I would do without him! He helped Katie do a lesson for Family Home Evening and is always willing to help with the laundry and dishes. 

With their help I got all that laundry folded and put away in just under 30 minutes!

Katie making a mess, but then careful cleaning rice crispy treat off her face. 

Katie Helping Daddy Win

Precious Time

These days, weeks, and months seem to speed by faster and faster each time I turn around. Every moment we have with Daddy is special and we miss him most on Mondays when he has to go back to work and we are at home, cleaning up after our fun weekends.


Katie is "writing" her name on things now!

This is my early Mother's Day present for keeping my little Bosai Tree alive for over a year now! It is even sprouting new leaves you can see poking up in the third picture!

He was so into the game that he didn't hear Ray and I screaming and throwing things;)

Katie helping us get ready for popcorn and a movie by mixing the Kool Aid! 


Someone shot an arrow into my waste basket! I wonder who it was?!?

Best loaf so far! 

My amount of relaxation during the weekend is in direct relation to the amount of dishes and housework I have Monday Morning: 


All By Herself

Ray is tall enough to reach his clothes now so the extension bar went into Katie's closet and so LOVES being able to pick out her own clothes!

Piano Lessons

Because Mommy and Ray get piano lessons, Katie demanded to have a turn!

Distraction for Ray

Just Kidding!

Katie has been picking up new phases everyday and things I've never expected her to say before even turning 3 are coming out of her mouth: