Busy Week

Since we started having Church at 9am, Katie's been working out a her sleeping schedule: 

Still, it's not easy staying on a schedule.

Come Sunday Morning she was up happily playing with Ray. 


BJ was in Chicago a few days for work. Of course we all missed him. 

It even snowed this week!

Ray in his "workshop" making a plane!

As crazy my weeks get, I know I am where I am supposed to be. 

Big Feats!

Katelyn wants to do EVERYTHING that Ray does so she stole his dinner tray for our dinner with a movie.  

Ray showing Kate how to talk on the phone!

NO ONE can make Kate laugh like Ray...biggest cutest one at the end but don't turn the volume too loud because the phone rings next to me just after that. 

This was just after they got dressed, it was do cute how they were showing off, Ray wanted to get all his "Rock Star" on. 

I LOVE how they are looking at her shoes!

Growth Spurt?

Eating and Sleeping and Growing!

Check out those sippy cup skills, didn't even have to put her pear slice down!

Yummy Oreos at! Aunt Grace's!

Stop at Walmart on the way home...I couldn't wake them!

This is the position she loves to nurse in!

She was playing, found my phone charger cord, and then passed out:)

Dentist Visit

What's up Kate?

You can see her cheerio and 3 teeth really well.. she has been pulling herself up from her knees and moving her legs to walk with support! 

I took the tray off her highchair and pushed it to the table and it cut her complaining at meal times in half. As long I give her what we are eating she is perfectly happy!

With brother's help, Katelyn will be climbing the stairs very soon!


I just found them like this...no posing!

Ray's Whistling

BJ was whistling and Ray decided to join in....so funny!

Here is a preview to the next post. Katie's amazing eating skills: just watch how she tears a piece off with her bottom teeth, chews with all her might, and then swallows!

Gotta Love Katie

That is a piece of ham in Katie's hand, yes a BIG piece because only babies need it in little bits. She has EXACTLY what we are eating even though she still only has 3 teeth on the bottom. 


This was a happy moment for me...because it was the first time in a while that I got her to sleep. The holidays have made her into a Daddy's Girl, and he was the only one that could get her to sleep.