Dress Up

Just after I put away the clean Laundry Katie went and pulled it out of the drawers and tried to put it all on by herself. I decided it was time to dress up. She LOVED it and did everything in it...including sitting on her brother. It touches my heart to see her caring for her brother. 

Better than Saturday Morning Cartoons

Sleepless Nights

Katie has been going through and growth spurt lately. She has been doing a lot of sleeping and eating. 

When she hasn't had enough sleep: 

When it was a good, restful night (for Katie in this one, not so much for Ray - hence the dark circles around his eyes):

She was playing Peek-a Boo with me! 

I started my Research Prerequisite for Masters Capstone and will be gone for three hours on Wednesday...and this is how they all looked when I got back...searching for something that was thrown. 


Why I Love My Job

I work with an AMAZING group of  people. Look at some of the wonderful things we have done lately.

My secretary Judy Welch made this rocking billboard for all to see at our church!

With the help of my councilors Margaret Gurgol, and Amanda Canaday we did an EPIC Bowling activity with all the kids we teach. 

And as a Mom I get to see my kids grow up and do ADORABLE things like this. 


So when your kids are too smart for their own good, sometimes they just what to play with Apple electronics: 

Growing up!

Katie is now in 3T clothes!

Ray learned how to use my ruffle foot...he calls it "crupples" and was so proud of himself that he demanded I take a picture and post it up for him:)

Their appetites are proof that they are both going through a growth spurt. 

Followed with so much sleep you look like this (messy hair, lines on his face and a red ear from laying on it). 

So these overalls where so adorable I had all kinds of pictures: 

The pig tails came out, but she was still cute

Then she added some jewels and she was overjoyed!

Happy Birthday Gamma!

Exciting "Train" Ride at Grant's Farm

Before Ray got lost:

After Ray got lost: 

Getting the cake ready. 

Still glowing after 63 years!

Party Time!

We love you Gamma! 

My Hubby

Because of this (that is a shirt he got in the hospital) man:

We have things like this: 

He got a 3D printer: 

Now Katie wants something:

But best of all my children can have fun, 

be brave, 

and know without a doubt that they are LOVED!

The Perfect Storm

The past two weeks we had the combination of some craziness:
1) Poison Ivy

2) Exhaustion due to lost Binky and Summer Finals

But it is all worth it because:

Topped off with a wonderful visit to the Zoo!!!