New Way to Spin!

Ray Using the Drill!

Too Cold

We have had powdery snow off and on, add that to some nasty cold and you get stir crazy...the cure? 

Sweeping snow:

Surprise lunch with Daddy!  

And a calm, country road drive:) 

Sick Day

BJ stayed home sick and Katie LOVED IT! 

So did Ray...he stayed in pajamas all day and was really nice to Katie (trying to convince her she liked him more than Daddy).

When we finally got back to school, they were all business and almost seemed to miss it:) 

Random Cuteness

Katie protesting that her coat doesn't have a hood like her brother's! I love how she is holding her arms and the look like, "why aren't we in the car yet?"

My sweet little man! He wanted to take a picture to text to Daddy. 

Kate in all her cuteness!

Sippin' soda Saturday with cousin Hannah:) 

Fun at Home

Where did Daddy go?  

Ready to help Daddy shovel on our Snow Day from Church!!!

Katie spent the day sleeping on our fluffy carpet with her babies (in the next one it is a her magnetic wooden style paper doll)