Birthday Fun

Hannah is almost one year old so of course we needed to have some cake and presents while everyone was in town:)

Sammy has a close birthday too so he got to blow out the candles too:)

Frank and Ray's faces are priceless. So happy!


Family Football on Thanksgiving: Jack, David, Emily, Ray and BJ, and Grace.

Jack posing for the photo this time:)

Boppy and Hannah watching the fun.

Racing around the barn!

Unkie and Frank...enjoying DS games:)

What Great Guys!

Jack got Hannah to take a nap! He held her for a long was soooooo sweet!

Rob and Frank! Frank was really happy, it was just the waiting he had to do to get his picture taken:)

David and Hannah:)

Josh getting ready for the football game!

BJ carried Ray on his shoulders for most of the football game so that Ray could feel included, best Daddy ever!


Gingerbread time! BJ and I found this amazing train version...perfect for the boys! Unfortunately all my group pictures with them were too blurry to post. Frank and Jack made themselves comfortable on the table.

BJ and I making Root Beer, Josh and Jack helped too.

Best Fried Turkey EVER! Awesome job BJ, David, and Rob!

Gamma's awesome table for all the adults.

Ray getting some sleep to get energy up to play with his cousins before they came to the Farm.

Fish Face?

I tried to get Hannah's cute fish-face on video and this is what I got:)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope this Thanksgiving is your happiest yet. Full of warm memories you'll never forget, May the good old traditions bring pleasure to you,
And your loved ones and friends share your happiness, too.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, especially the family and friends we will not see this year!

Window to See Katelyn

Earlier this week Ray was cuddling on my lap and patting my tummy telling me he wished there was a window on my tummy so that he could see his baby sister and say hi! I had forgotten that we had an ultrasound appointment, so we were super excited to get another glimpse of our beautiful girl. Here are some of the exciting 3D photos we got! We feel blessed that she is growing so well and seems to be super healthy!
We can't wait to meet Katelyn Elizabeth in March:)

Ray on Mongoose

I woke up from a afternoon nap to an excited 3 year old and his father wanting me to "hurry and see" Ray wearing a huge helmet and doing this stunt.

Great Hunters

I woke up at 5am to this! Too much fun!
I can't wait for Ray to join that excitement that is hunting:)

Fun at the Farm

Plus a really cute one of Hannah!

Hannah Explaining

It was Hannah's turn to explain! Look how great she is getting at moving herself around. She scooted all the way out of the room at one point.

Play Time With Hannah

Ray shows off his baby cousin Hannah and explains what they are doing:)