We visited the farm next to BJ's work to pick apples. It was sweet to watch Ray follow his Dad and get really excited to just be with his Daddy. Weeks feel longer with BJ going to school Mon. though Thurs. night. There's been a couple of times he got home after Ray was in bed and had to leave again before Ray was up. This weekend Ray was a little under the weather so they did a lot of resting together:)

I love this picture, his bag is empty and he isn't looking at me...which is becoming a habit with his pictures lately. Below is a bit better with the looking but then he couldn't seem to smile at the same time. He set up all these National Park memory cards in a big pattern. He even surprised me by cleaning them up all by himself! 

He just asked "Why are they holding their penises?" While he is watching a live concert for Veggie Tales on Netflix and they where doing a western dance. I had to explain that they were holding their belts like cowboys!

Block Party

Yesterday Ray and I had the joy of having Hannah over for the day while Aunt Grace was painting. Here is one of my favorite parts of the day. Hannah does this adorable sideways look that makes me smile...just watch to see. 
Oh, and the song Ray is "singing" at the beginning is Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me...

Ray's Adventures

Once Cousin Hannah was sleepy, Ray offered her his bed...
which she seemed to like:)

Today Ray and I went to the Story time at the Library it was all about night! When it came time for him to put his name on...he made his first "R" all by himself!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Lots of love on your Birthday Grandma...we miss you lots!

Ray's awesome tower. After this picture we stacked another 77 blocks on top and then ran away so it won't fall on us:) It was such a blast!

 Oh no a haircut! Saturday BJ finally took Ray and this is how he left the house.

Slinky Fun with Daddy

If you ever wonder what we do with our weekends at the Farm...here is a sneak peak:)

Ray's first time shooting

But first, you have to realize how much Ray LOVES doing things with his Daddy. Here they are getting Gamma's Birthday Cake ready. I love his face because it shows just how happy he is to be with his Daddy!

Ray's first time shooting, he was so excited...he just stared at the gun in amazement the whole time. Don't be alarmed family. It was perfectly safe. BJ got quiet bullets that worked just great for Ray. He watches BJ all the time and I think it is great he can get involved and start to understand how guns work and how to be safe. In all, it was a sweet bonding moment for the two of them:) I was great to see.