Frosting and Whip Cream where meant to be eaten in finger fulls:)

Those where the tallest candles I have ever seen!

Birthday Bash

Just yesterday, Ray's cousins: Josh, Jack, Sam and Frank came down to the house. BJ's sisters Emily, Grace and I went to get some lunch and do some shopping together. When we got back, Gamma (their Grandma) had taken them all to get haircuts! I barely recognized my Ray he looked so grown up! For dinner we had Dominos Pizza and DQ Ice Cream Cake:)
What a fun time! Happy Birthday Josh and Grace!

Ray is a pro when it comes to drinking out of his cup,

Ray is in font, with Jack on the left, Sam middle back, and Josh opening presents to the right:)

That is adorable, talkative, punching, finally-growing-hair Frank in front. Frank is about 6 months younger than Ray and the two of them get along wonderfully. As for his older cousin Sam, who just turned 3, we hope that someday they will be friends and at least tolerate being in the same room:) Got to love cousins right?

Table....or Hamper?

After I told Ray I wasn't really comfortable with him climbing up onto the office stool (because the back fell off) by himself, he decided he needed a snack.

His favorite now is tangerines because he can peel them himself. That is not all he does for himself now! Apparently I didn't get him into (or out of) his high chair quickly enough, because he refuses to sit in it and now has a booster seat at the table. This partiuar afternoon he was feeling adventurous and thought the empty hamper would be much more useful as a table:)

Here he is licking his fingers just after covering them with the frosting of a white Oreo cookie:)

Throwing Snow

You can hear Clara in the background begging to get out and play:)

Playing in the Snow


Watching Pingu the Penguin