Happy Birthday Sam!

To celebrate my nephew Sammy's Birthday, we went to the Zoo:


Katie helped me take this one:

Then that night, Linds is leading a song while we sing:

Sam and Hannah:


Once Caleb arrived, he was traded from cousin, to Aunt, to Unkie and back around again: 

Gingerbread House?

Christmas Eve:

Christmas morning: 

And all day playing:

All the girls watching The Little Mermaid before they all fell asleep:

Dress up Skirts

The first night at the farm the girls got their dress up skirts I made for them! At first Hannah was confused that it didn't come with a shirt, but once they got started dancing...they just kept going:)

All About the Daddy

BJ had some well deserved recognition just before the holidays began. First he got these amazing chocolates from work: 

A special selfie with his princess:


Santa and Babies

Last weekend we finally got our photo with Santa! Kate did wonderfully. She DID NOT CRY...or smile but she talked to Santa and looked at the camera for a picture.  

She looks so grown up and I realized as we visit the newest babies she is no longer a baby, but loves to hold them instead. 

Check out how different she was just two years ago:

Ray isn't the little guy he used to be either! He is so good with his cousin Caleb and is excelling at home school. 

He wrote this and proudly showed me at the end of a particularity long day. He really know how to make me smile and his help often comes unexpectedly !

My gratitude for the two of them is overwhelming today. Yesterday, I had a very sick, feverish Katie and it truly worried me to see her so miserable. I am relieved to report that her fever broke early this morning and she is almost back to her usual happy self. I am so blessed to have such wonderful children! I wouldn't trade them for the world. 

Tis the Season!

Lego Time!

Nap Time:

Hannah as Elsa and Kate as Anna

Unkie and Caleb

Katie can cut her food with a knife!

Ray made a blanket for Baby Caleb:

Hannah got to spend two nights at our house and it was a blast! First thing we had a Play-doh party.

Read books

Watched shows on the iPad

Unkie even brushed Hannah's hair for her!