Who Ray Loves

Ray Sends His Love


Just playing around with BJ's glasses and asked me to take his picture:)

Learning to wash the Jeep

Starting to feel comfortable

Really getting into it!


Good Times

Butterfly House

It was just yesterday that we went to the Butterfly House, first Tuesdays of the month are free to St. Louis residences and we where supposed to see some friends there. We got there late, but still enjoyed ourselves.

There where a lot of butterflies and Ray liked seeing all of them, except the big owl eye winged ones. He still talks about how he doesn't like them because the eyes are scary. We've spent a lot of time talking about butterflies, our visit made an impression on him.

In all, it was a gorgeous day and it was so much fun to just play in the sunshine:)

Baby Hannah and Ray

They are just so cute together, I love it!

Ray is explaining what he built and then tries to divert my attention from Hannah with his silly fake laugh and pushing over towers we built.

Fun Times with my Ray

Not too long ago, Daddy said something about sleeping on the floor and next thing I know Thomas the train is sleeping in the bed and Ray is on the floor with his sleeping bag a bunch of pillows! He seemed to sleep just fine...and I have to admit it was adorable!

Ray is wearing big boy underwear now and is doing more and more for himself. Here was one of the first days he got himself ready:) He was in a hurry!
Just yesterday we got to have Hannah, Ray's newest cousin, over! Ray had so much fun showing off all his toys and helping feed and take care of her. He is sooooo good with babies and it really amazed me how much he wanted to help!