Finally moved!

We left the Farm at 5am in the morning with the boat hitched up to the Truck and both full. It took us 12 hours to get to our new home.

That night we slept on air mattresses and started on getting everything set up and cleaned. 

Trip to IKEA:

Ray wrote a story for an assignment to write a personal narrative, this is what he came up with: Goosebumps by Ray Myler
The first time I watched Goosebumps, I was scared, and creeped out. The story was creepy. Jack a blonde kid went to camp on a bus. He met Katie, Josh, Sam, and Frank. They got off the bus and a big hairy werewolf called Saber tried to eat them! They met their camp director when he shot a pistol and scared Saber away. Then they went to their bunks and Katie got bit by a snake! Her friends threw the sheet that the snake was on out the window, just as their tall bunk director got there. That night, Katie stood away from the fire when everyone started to sing. Jack snuck out and went to her. Katie’s bite was all swollen. The camp director heard them talking during the song, so he came over to see what was wrong. Jack told the director Katie got bit by a snake. The next day, while playing baseball, Frank go hit in the back of the head and was knocked out. Later, they went to a place called the Forbidden Bunk. Sam told Jack about Josh getting torn apart by Saber. Sam manages to escape but Josh did not. It wasn’t until the end that I found out Jack’s parents where scientists going to Earth and wanted to test Jack before bringing him. He was brave, kind, and passed the test with flying colors! Everyone was just acting and Saber was just a robot controlled by a guy. At the end I said “creepy” and me and my Dad watched more Goosebumps. 

here is the last page:

New bar stools! 

First home cooked meal sitting at the bar!

My favorite part of our home so far is the wall of windows! Our lot has so many beautiful trees that are changing color and it is so comfy in the new leather family room recliners! 

This is our wonderful library, the county have over a dozen locations and it is set up like the St. Louis county. Our card works at all of them and if a location has a book we want, we request and they get it to us! 

BJ made sure to enjoy his last German breakfast:

Living at the Farm

We will be living at the Farm for two weeks while BJ works in Atlanta and closes on our new home there. We are getting as many snuggles we can with Jane too.

Before BJ flew out, we fed some ducks and had Jane and Caleb come to the Farm:

Monday we met up with Caleb, Quinn, Becca, and April at the Magic House! 

Ray and April playing a game of Chess (while Caleb watches)

The Magic House was built with my nephew, Caleb, in mind!

My cuties in their hoodies! 

Check out Rays intense concentration as he carves his pumpkin in the background of this one:

Both Wednesdays we went to the church for Scouts, Katie fell asleep and had like an hour nap!

Thanks to Gamma, we've had a pretty awesome day at Meramec Spring's Old Iron Works Day!

Oh, and Ray saved you some funnel cake and pork rinds:

Sneaking in one more visit with Jane, Caleb and Hannah:

Wow! did you read that whole thing?