More Dancing

Katie is really starting to warm up to her Ballet teacher and the girls that help her during class. 



Ray hung out with me in the lobby because Daddy was  busy:  


He brought a hard hat home: 


This weekend was a milestone for our Katie. 
Despite my desires to keep her a baby, Christmas reminded us she is growing up: 

But now, she looks years older in her ballet clothes and dancing in her ballet class! 

I love how much of a Daddy's girl she is and how she wants to tell him about everything!


Her teacher is Miss McKenzie and her friend (just a few days older than her) is Maggie! 



In honor of the New Year, BJ built shelves in our basement!


I redecorated the shelves upstairs: 

Then we got an ice storm! It was very traumatic for Georgians! Not at all impressive to us



The kids kept asking if we'd get any more. Within a few days we were back up to 70 degree days and all this week Ray and BJ have been wearing shorts again! 


Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Copus for the money for iPad cases and headphones! 
Grandma was in the hospital for a couple of days and we are very glad she is feeling better! 


The kids love that they don't have to watch or even hear what Daddy likes to watch on TV. 



In our basement we have a movie room and so far it just has an epic size foam bag that the kids adore playing on. 


Ray's building with Legos has expanded to a challenge he is doing with his cousins and his love for a game called Minecraft: 

I love how they are chilling on the coach enjoying it together.


Ray even figured out how his sister can play at the same time in the same world on their iPads!

Christmas videos

To share her excitement about going to the farm Katie came up with this little trick, 
which BJ captured in slow mo! 

When we took our books back before our trip, Ray did a puppet show for Kate! 

How Katie builds with Legos. I had been helping for a long time and it was fun to let Daddy deal with the craziness for a bit. 

When Katie finished a train: 

Ray's cool glow-in-the dark car and flexible track! 



Waves on Nassau

Slow Mo

Caleb sure does love to mess with his Unkie!

Merry Christmas

From our family to yours!


Reading Christmas books:

Playing at the park because we can: 


Friday morning Katie got up extra early because she was really excited to go to the farm! 

This was her in the car: 
Christmas Morning


Lego Time! 

In the end, we realize our time with Ray and Katie as babies is passing all too quickly! 


Our last stop was Nassau. We had better weather and some awesome things to see!   
This was the highest point in the island! 

Then next we went to the Queen's staircase! It took sixteen years for more than 600 slaves to carve the steps down and a spacious walkway through this mountain! We sure felt like royalty getting dropped off at the top by our personal tour guide! 

The Atlantis Resort had some gorgeous glass sculptures just like the Botantial Gardens in St. Louis! 


Beach time!!!!
Savoring the last moments on the beach!