Sleep Over Anyone?

I was impressively behind on laundry so Ray found this shirt of Daddy's to wear to bed. 

We always need a bedtime snack:)

Now that Katie and Ray share a room downstairs, Katie has been getting better at doing stairs. 

It is best to wake up with a bit of TV/Snuggle time:)

Getting ready:

Katie could only find Ray's shoes....

so I pulled out some new shoes to see how much more she had to grow. BUT THEY FIT ALREADY!! She was so excited. 

Swimming at Hannah's house before dinner!

Tight Squeeze and Some Cheese

On a side note, our Garden is going quite well: 

Time with Friends

At the History Museum

Games at Jared's fabulous Birthday Party 

Ray is such an expert he know to stay as comfortable as possible


Getting ready to go smash a Pinata!

Time to clean up! Go Katie!

Monster Truck time!

As soon as the party was over, it was nap time!


Playing at parks

Activities at the Library

Nap time again:)

Katie likes to sleep in to get her beauty sleep, it seems to be working:)

Words Aren't Enough

Watching this makes me wonder if Katie is telling me not to wake Ray, because she is shhhhing me. You decide

LOVE this one of them at the farm. Ray makes her so happy, even though she doesn't like it at first. 

Chirstmas Elf microphone!

Katie dressed herself in my laundry, one of her favorite games. 

At the park! 
I love how you can see Ray helping her and how much Katie doesn't want it! 

Fun Time!

Time to Pray!

Time to Plant our Garden!

Time to Climb?

Katie enjoys climbing and it didn't take much convincing to get her to the top of the hill in the back yard!

LOVE that smile!


"Don't destroy my comfyness!"

Unless you are a very cute sister:)