My Mom's Vacation

Much needed fun after a hard time

Just Hanging

With all the rain, we make the best of just hanging:)

The Food Processor:)

If you have ever heard Ray really laugh, I mean a good long hysterical laugh, you know it is more like a scream (hmmm....BJ tells me he gets it from me)...and that's what he did when he saw and heard the fantastic Food Processor we used for the first time today:)

I Love to see the Temple

That morning Frank said "Ray-Ray" for the first time. Using this exact face he would yell at Ray to get his attention. It was sooooo cute!
Sam is talking a lot more, and in this picture you can see how much Ray seems to care:) Although he tells me all the time how proud his is that his cousin can use the Potty now!
This is what made the trip to the Temple, seeing their faces when we found a slimy Skink!