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Christmas Letter and Pictures

Dear Friends and Family,

Another Christmas season has come upon us, and we find ourselves looking back over the year. 2010 has been a very good year and we feel especially grateful.

This past March Ray turned 2 and started talking and doing more and more. It is amazing how much he is learning and growing each day. We are so grateful to have Raymond be a part of our lives, and are proud to call him our son.

Amanda has had good year. She completed the Bachelors degree she has wanted for quite some time. She will be going to USML this January to start her Masters. She is now serving as the President of the Primary and loves working with the children in her ward. Ray and her are always going around to fun local activities with BJ’s sisters and Ray’s cousins. Trips to the Zoo, Science Center, History Museum, have filled our cameras with lots of fun photos, and all the memories that go with them.

BJ is still working for a company called National Cart, he is one of 3 CAD Designers for the company, and really enjoys his work. BJ is always excited to show everyone the products that his company makes whenever we are out and about (hint, they make pretty much all the cart corrals across the U.S., and all the big metal carts you push at Lowes and Home Depot). He is attending school with a great join program that has evening classes at UMSL and WASU.

We hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

BJ, Amanda, and Raymond

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Christmas Time

Baby Hannah!

Everyone is excited about the newest addition of the Myler Clan:
Hannah Marie Hiscox:)


Science Center part 2

Camera Shy