Hanging out at the pool

Caves, Stake Park, and Sting Ray City:)

"Daddy, it's OK, I fit" is what would Ray would say to BJ, as he lead the way through the caves:)

One of my all time favorite pictures of Ray and his Daddy! Just look at what a great time they are having!!!
The Sting Rays, Tunnel, and huge Sea Turtles where just some of the highlights for Ray

City Museum Slide

BJ took Ray down the slide! I had a blast just watching parents go down with their kids. Nothing like the looks on the kid's faces or the cuteness of those baby bellies:)

Erin and Riley
Jospeh and Ian
Rob and Frank
Josh watching Drew:)

Happy Birthday GRACE!

A bit more of Ray at the City Museum: He is sometimes frightened of heights - something he got from his Mommy I guess - but he followed his Daddy all the way to the top!

Off Road in the Jeep!

Ok, I don't know if you can really see this well enough to feel the amount of fun BJ and Ray had. Honestly my sense of fun came after the fear of getting stuck was over and looking back:) The picture above is the road near the end where we just followed the river and we drove in the river...which got deeper and deeper.
Some beautiful views that made...

crossing THIS worth it. This was the scariest part for me because the front end of the Jeep had to drop down at something like a 75 degree angle! Not to mention we crossed water TWICE right after the other.
As you can see BJ had a blast...just look at that smile:) Gotta love his sense of adventure!

Lots of Snow

It was a good thing we got out on Wednesday to go to the Magic House because that night the weather got really snowy and Thursday ended up looking like this. I was double the snow the weather men thought we would get, and my first day of classes at UMSL was CANCELED!

Cars, Water and More

Bubbles and Pretend

Ray and his Lego Train

Ashly's Blessing

Congratulations to Matt and Hazly: Today was Ashly's Blessing. Although we couldn't be there, we are so very happy for them and truly love their beautiful little girl. I was really upset that I had to miss all the yummy food that Hazly and her family planned for the get together....wish we were a lot closer than 22 hours!

Fun Trip to Utah

Unfortunately, the only time we really got to see the mountains around my parent's house was as we were leaving. As you can see...my picture didn't turn out:(

We were so tired of driving we did all the 22 hours in one day. We left about 8:30am MST on New Year's Day and got to back to Missouri about 9am CST! It has been nice to have a whole day at home before BJ goes back to work on Monday though....all in all, a wonderful trip well worth the long agonizing drive!

Brothers with a lot in common:)

New Years Eve


Ray giving Ashly a kiss

Ray and Ashly