That's My Boy!

Ray watching Cars with was so funny watching the two of them copying each other, not to mention the blank stares Sabrina and I got as we said good-bye:)
Apparently the blocks didn't want to get in so he decided to put himself away!
This is the fantastic outfit Gamma makes him look super grown up...sigh.

Grant's Farm!

More Baby

Awesome picture of Grace and baby:)
Sue Hudgson made this amazing cake:
Of course we got a DQ ice cream cake because they are Grace's favorite:)

Baby Shower

Friday was Grace's Baby Shower and I have never had so much fun planning and attending a Baby Shower in all my life! Here's a shot of the fun diaper cake I made:
Emily made way cute center peice pumkins to go with the fall cute!

We got a bunch of stuff to decorate pumpkins during the shower too!

Ray combed his hair!

Day with Jackson 3

Day with Jackson 2

Day with Jackson 1

What we love to do!