Summer Here We Come!

Memorial Week

Our Memorial Day Celebration started early and by the time it was over, we had a whole lot more red at the house.





Emily came to visit and I took Ray and Kate to the Farm to spend as much time as we could with their cousins: 

Then we met up with BJ and headed to the camper for some fun:

My Littlest Nephew Caleb

We spent a Saturday with Caleb and Hannah while Grace and Gamma did a Book Fair! It was so much fun to spend the day and watch them play, sleep and enjoy time together:


After Caleb left, Katie decided that he needed her brown puppy and insisted that we give it to him right away. 

Happy Summer!

Today was the last day of school! What a school year it has been! August of 2014 seems like it was yesterday. It is crazy how much my babies have grown! 





They look so grown up!

Here they are playing a new game at Gamma's Farm over Mother's Day weekend: 

Yes, that is a pimple on my son's chin!!!

I love how much they want to help and all the adorable things they think up:

Just a quick update on my flowers (it is all about the purple):

Ray's Reading

Ray's Reading has improved over the school year and he wanted me to record him reading a chapter book, enjoy! 


Ray got his first real hit in his baseball game this week! His shirt is really electric orange and his team's name is Cheetos!

What's awesome is that Gamma and Boppy were there to see it happen, and Katie got a new dress:

I was so happy to show Gamma, how much the Iris blobs she gave have grown this year (some at either end nearest the path): 

We are finishing up our last few weeks of school and really starting to look forward to the weekends. The kids talk about camping all the time and they fill up their backpacks and "go camping" on the trampoline! 

30 feet of camper to enjoy and they have to be in our bed: 

This is a fun lookout called Buzzard's Roost at Mark Twain. Ray was having a rough time because it was too cold and rainy to go out on the boat, but next thing I know, he is smiling and peaking through the trees with BJ! 

This was one of the views, so amazing!

The walk back was muddy, so Daddy lead Katie through, but she wanted to be on his shoulders!

For Our Nine Year Wedding Anniversary, Grace took the kids for the weekend. That is, not before I got some cuddle time in. 

Friday night we went on a sunset boat ride after a fancy dinner, it was wonderful!

Saturday we went out on the boat but started missing our little monsters, so we rolled in early to spend some time with Grace and her kiddos. Here Caleb is checking out his Unkie: 

This week we have been catching up on everything and getting ready for another wonderful weekend, this time at the farm with Gamma for Mother's Day! First thing is the mountain of laundry:

Start to finish five large loads, with the two best helpers in the world, it took just over 30 mins!!!