October Coming to an End

Sunday we craved our Pumpkins! 

On Saturday we went with BJ to see the place he gets to hunt! We even got to try his favorite pizza place for lunch. It was a fun time hiking to his deer stand, looking out over everything and hiking back. By the end, Ray and Katie where very tired. 

I zoomed in to get the look on Ray's face because it shows just how much he looks forward to hunting and getting to be with his Dad. 

BJ and Katie in the tree stand:

Ray and BJ in the tree stand:

Tired and happy with yummy pizza in their tummys!

This past week we got to see Gamma, Boppy, Grace, Hannah and Caleb at the Science Center!!!
As always Grace got the best pictures (hers have the borders) and we had a blast! 

My littlest nephew Caleb and the moon shoot I helped get!

Ray's favorite was the new Monster Truck:

We all know Boppy's favorite:

Caleb's favorite part:

My niece Hannah checking out bones:

Ray and Hannah: 

Hannah, Ray, and Kate looking down at the traffic on the bridge:

We built the arch together!

Part of the new Discovery Room:

How much it would cost to send them to the moon:

This week at home Katie has really started to love Barbie just in time for Christmas! These dolls where from our awesome neighbor's Garage Sale. We made the clothes with rubber bands and kitchen towels! She told me how she wanted them to look and I did just as she asked. I see a lot of fashion designing in our future:)

For some awful reason Katie has been growing super tall lately. She doesn't fit in places as nicely any more. Here she is trying to watch a movie in her favorite chair:

Rose went to a great grooming place and she has never looked better! She is a pleasure to pet and her shinny, soft coat is looking gorgeous! She seems to know and demand we pet her every time we are sitting down. 

Ray lost another tooth and is getting really good at some video games. He didn't want to smile for me but I love how he looks in the new shirt Gamma got him. 

Latest and Greatest

Sunday night I was just amazed at how much my babies have grown. Katie's hair may have had something to do with it, but they are barely fitting into their cool fall cloths as it is.

I switched somethings around so that I could upgrade my plants into larger pots. 

Ray has this desire to take apart anything and everything to see how it works. It is rubbing off onto Katie and she is already a pro at taking things apart! 

They made Halloween houses one chilly night before bed:

We borrowed a baby for a day. Nora is a neighbor and it was sweet to see how good Ray and Katie are with babies. When Katie woke up to find a real baby in the house you would have thought it was Christmas morning with all the excitement and joy on her face but by the end of the day she was jealous of all the holding and attention I gave Nora. 

We went to the Pumpkin Patch near our house on Wednesday. Katie was such a pro at the pony rides!

BJ and Ray did the epic corn maze while I did the girl stuff with Katie. 

We topped it all off with a Hayride. It cracked me up watching Katie and BJ being twins the whole ride, their arms and everything: 

This will probably be the last time the two of them fit in a Lowe's cart together. 

Showing off the face paint they got: 

She requested a bun!

She must have asked Ray to read to her:

Yep, they can be pretty sweet to each other: