Jackson as Goalie

Some More photos

Ray's Duckie

Weekend fun

To get into the Halloween Spirit, Gamma and Boppy took us all to the Pumpkin Patch..it was a lot of fun. Ray mostly watched this time and we are definitely planning on going again next year when he can really enjoy everything they had set up. 

The Magic Daiper Bag

Ok, so Ray has pretty much figured out that I take his toys and food out of a specific bag when we are out. Well, on last Friday, the 10th, he got a hold of the bag on his own and helped himself to the goodies inside. 

Same as above, only now waving his arms with excitement:) 


These are some pictures I took at the boy's soccer games. Above is Sam in the warm clothing he wore last night and below are from their game last week.
Jackson is the third from the left on the Red team, he is just to the left of the goal post:)
I will have to make sure I get some good pictures of Josh at his next game so you can see the great job he does too.

Dancing Sam

Conference Weekend

Ray and Frank, do you see the resemblance?

He is getting soooo big!Cleaning up after a long day of playing.

It is a lot easier to sleep after a full day.
Saturday we put cool colored gel in the boys hair. It is no wonder Emily and Rob's nickname for Ray is "Raisin Mohawk boy" 

Josh and Jack come to ride in our car, Jackson was talking to us and then all of the sudden he and Ray where asleep! Jack is the Blue Mohawk man at Ray's feet. 
Josh peeked in for the picture:)
It is all about army men!
Here is another one of those pictures...
It was a big weekend for both BJ and Ray...so of course they had to sleep in on Monday. 

Visit to the Zoo

Yep, that is right we went to the St. Louis Zoo with Grace, David, Emily and her boys. I was a great time, although, I don't think Ray knew what to think at first. 
By Lunch he was loving it!

Sorry, its a little blurry:

Ray was napping and BJ woke him up to take this picture:)

My favorite part was the incredible Butterfly House, it was this green house, filled with butterflies and there favorite plants, the worker there said that at a given time thy estimate that there is about 140 butterflies!

This is my very favorite picture, Ray just loves being with all his cousins. From the left is Jackson, Sam, and Josh. They are so sweet with him!