Just some fun things we've done! 


Ray and Katie help feed our dog Rose and it has been fun to see how Rose has started to notice them more. Ray and her have a few games they play, hide and seek is fun to watch. She also LOVES to chew on things. We recently tried the Extreme Kong again and she' shredded it even faster this time! So BJ found a new toy that can be replaced when she chews it down! 

Happy Easter!







After helping the kids do their projects at Home Depot we knocked out a bunch of little projects that we've added up since we moved in! They've been collecting on our Butler's Pantry, so it meant a lot to have it cleared: 

We had over some friends to do crafts in our set up basement!   

Ray's latest creation: 

Spring has Sprung



Spring Break

It is time for Spring Break and the kids have been working double to finish all their school work before our camping trip in May that we decided to close our school year early! Here is their end photo: 

So much has changed since the beginning of the school year! We lived in a different state, BJ had a different job, and my babies were younger! Katie had grown almost 4 inches and Ray has grown 2.5 inches!!


This weekend to celebrate we set up our movie 🎥 room with a projector and movie screen! Iron Man was  life size and playing video games is a whole new experience!!

Spring Fun

Katie made a deal that if she let me do her hair for church she could do Daddy's! 


I told her once she could push the shopping cart when she could see over it, that day has come! Yes, Ray and BJ were messing around while we liked for supplies. 


Funny picture from the Pinwood Derby and a new one from a hike Ray did Tuesday: 



Last but not least, Ray has a mouth full of metal!