Off to a Running Start

Snow and Digital Learning days made it feel like we were homeschooling again! We loved it and it worked out because Ray was sick for some of them and didn't have to miss school!

Ray and Katie's Nerf War!!!

Meanwhile BJ has been getting ready to go boating once it stays nice. He took some friends and Ray to the boat show!

Unfortunately, after a week of being healthy and going to school, Ray came down with the flu that has got everyone scared this year. It was just as BJ headed to Germany too! I am so grateful he has really great friends that were willing to give Ray a blessing in his absence! Poor kid, had a fever almost the whole week and didn't back to school till Friday! 

His favorite part about being sick was playing board games with me!
We had some pretty memorable battles playing Risk! 

Meanwhile, BJ was traveling for work to Mexico with Antonio and even a trip to Germany!

Happy New Year!

Starting out 2018 right with my love!!!

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This year has been an eventful one with lots of change and adventure!
Aside from all the wonderful things we got to do this year,
I am amazed at how much we have changed this year. Katie is five now!
She started Ballet Lessons and Kindergarten this year and has
grown from my sweet little toddler to a sassy little lady with the mind
of her own. I can count on her to tell me what she thinks about everything.
She prefers to wear dresses and do her own hair. She is so kind
and thoughtful.  It is fun to see her friend’s faces brighten when they
see her. I love being her Room Mom and it always amazes me how
much she is learning!

Ray is nine now! He started Piano Lessons, got braces, and started the
Fourth Grade!  He’s become more athletic and has a real nac for golf!
He is extremely brave when it comes to trying new things and handles
heights much better than I do. He manages to kept up with the older kids
when it comes to Scouts and has made some excellent friends! He loves
Pokemon now more than ever and still has an active imagination.
He amazes me with his quick wit and will remind me about anything
that has to do with numbers, like how many hours and minutes till
his birthday!

Robert (BJ) runs pretty much everything at his office now, which means
more travel. Luckily, I got to take advantage of his points and go with him
to Europe to meet more of the people he works with. I am amazed by just
how much he does and how incredibly well he succeeds at it all!
His quick thinking and exceptional problem solving continues
to captivate me everyday! I couldn’t be happier with our wonderful life,
home, and year together! We look forward to enjoying a whole new year!


Main Event

Christmas Day

The calm before the storm earlier this morning. All the presents have been opened and we are now well into phase 2 of Christmas (LEGO building and LOL doll video recording). Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!

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Christmas Break

Enjoying our second day of Christmas Break with a little taste of Germany and the Christmas Market!!

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Some Things Never Change

I am overjoyed to have my babies home for Christmas Break...they just look less like babies

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 Ray did Bunny Ears and Katie always looks at the picture I take it, so demanded a retake!

Her trying to convince him to stop 

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Kiddos left school and hour early. 
Making snowballs to surprise attack the kiddos when they get off the bus.

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It delayed our Ward Christmas Party

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Katie also had a Dance Christmas Party and I am sad I didn't get any pictures because it was fun.

She had a Christmas Play at school, she is in the front on the right.

From Ray's Party

So I checked the kids out of school early and we headed to BJ's office

And came home to presents from Grandma and Grandpa Copus