More School

First Week of School

Final fling

So, if you haven't heard, we've decided to put Ray and Katie into public school and it has been a big deal! Before they leave me home alone in August 7th, we went out on the lake with some friends and got set to hear who their teachers will be! 

Ray was super excited to find out his good friend,  Ben, is in the same class as him!!!
He also recently got rubber bands added to his braces so he is a little worried about doing it all himself at school. 


Poor Ray was feeling under the weather for the first time in a long time! It made me sad to see him so tired.  Katie was fine, in fact BJ ended up taking her golfing! 

More Fun in the Sun

Sundays with Friends

For a few Sundays we've been having dinner with our friends after church and a nap. My friend Amy is an amazing baker too! This Sunday Katie wasn't feeling the best so Daddy had to stay home, but to brought him home a piece of cake! 

Happy Birthday to me!

I woke up to presents, French toast, and cake! 

Then I went out to lunch with friends while Ray and BJ golfed: 

Getting reading rewards at our library: 

Lovely pool I went to with friends while BJ watched all the kids: 

Eating Oreos with no hands. My friend, Kristina and I were the only two to succeed! It was such a blast!!!